Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"How to use a Cablebar/TRX Rip Trainer" by Naudi AGuilar


I started to do exercises from "How to use a Cablebar/TRX Rip Trainer" by Naudi AGuilar at this morning and liked it very much. I immediately felt that rotational strength is my weak area, which I need to address. And I don't know any other workout which targets it as directly as this one. I own Basic DVD which came with TRX Rip Trainer and also got some additional TRX workouts which include Rip Trainer exercises, but they water it down by regular TRX, so there is only a few rotational exercises.

I like that "How to use a Cablebar/TRX Rip Trainer" is both an instructional video and a follow-along video; Naudi maintains a great balance between explanations and actual exercises.
He has short YouTube videos showing each Cablebar movement and a picture of each movement at

In my opinion, there is only one part missing, and by adding it you would get a complete course which could even be packed on DVD. I would be a first person to buy such a DVD.
What's missing is a PDF file with detailed explanation of exercises, pictures, and the sample workout. Basically, you would just need to write down what you're saying on an existing video - everything is already here.

Thank you for a great product, Naudi.